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The Crystalline Imprint - 2008 L​.​P.

by Crimson Death

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The Crystalline Imprint:The outward expansion of life and physical perception within this compressed and organic state. ‘A mineral body which has assumed a regular geometric form’ and the mathematical codes used to formulate, maintain, and control the properties of said form.

The Crystalline Imprint takes the listener on a journey through industrial style drum & bass, comprised of intelligent Amen loops, metal riffs, classic breakdowns, and hauntingly evil vocals.The long awaited amalgamation of ‘Goth’ and ‘Drum & Bass’ has created an entirely new genre which is captivating the (g)rave scene.


released July 12, 2013


all rights reserved



Crimson Death Toronto, Ontario

Crimson Death is a London, Ontario-based Jungle DJ, whose music is influenced by the sounds and imagery of Black Metal.

Known for his extreme studio creations, unique covers and high energy remixes, he seamlessly blends elements of opposing genres into dynamic dance-floor anthems.
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Track Name: Sub˚Merge [Video Edit]

Do the lights go out when I close my eyes,
when I loose awareness does the whole world die?
Living on a canvas, white as the snow,
Do I know all the things that I think I know?
I can feel the pressure rising up from the deep,
wander alien landscapes in my sleep
And everything shakes from the sound of the thunder,
as the darkness slowly pulls me under...

(The Rant:)
Pursuing the Singularity through the Crystalline Imprint;
the mineral expansion through mathematically precise
biological formations, the outward appearance
of which seem geologicaly random to our untrained eyes,
but which actually, if followed can lead us toward a truer
understanding of our reality in relation to the Singularity.

Track Name: Creeper [Human Error Mix]
Creeper [Human Error Mix] got the shit yet, man?...
...okay, cool, so how long?...
...Sure you'll have it? K, cool, man...

We're all just all gettin' ready to go and smoke a joint out on the balcony,
to get all baked and shit, smoke a doobie!

Prick a piece of leather nine times and beat it upon a wet stone in the name of Satan

"Keep up the good work with your bass and drums and shit..."

..fuckin' bird - you're the bird!
What the hell am I doing here?
The bird! Who the hell are you?
Bird! Who am I? agggh, bird!
Where are we? What is this place?
Whoa, who are you? Murph / bird! Cousin Murph!
Wanna go? Yeah!
Cause we can...
always, (I will) for sure...
I know you will!

Hey, what's happenin' around this joint, man?
How's it goin' with you?
You havin' a good time over there where you are,
listening to this stuff on the radio, man?
What's up with that jazz? Huh?
Whoa! Baked! Arent ya'?
Yeah, you are.
See ya'...

Track Name: Tantrum

We pay the price for your loneliness,
This frustration leads to bitterness
Give us hope, just to darken our sun,
Turn your back on what you've begun

You gave a dream and then you took it away,
Gave us awareness in this state of decay
We pay the price for your pain dissipated
and live in this hell that we all created

A future full of possibilities,
now a dead end of realities
Fill us up with hopes and dreams
Now death is all I crave it seems

Track Name: And now I am a ghost
And now I am a ghost

Travel back in time through this anomaly,
to find yourself within another body
Where past and present, heaven and hell
are all spinning around us in this parallel

Thoughts compressed until they all take shape
Mathematic vibrations form a Crystalline state
What lives inside you and what is real;
matter strung through time by all this pain we feel

From the central organic, the pattern spreads out
but still no one has a clue what the fuck this is all about
Severed from a God, imprisoned within
who just watches and waits as we sink into sin

Through a thousand lifetimes we chased the light,
just to fall back again to this earthly plight
the Crystal grows dim as it sinks in the clay
From the stars we came, but in this city we are doomed to stay

Track Name: My darkest friends
My Darkest Friends

Greetings people of earth; this is the DJ of Darkness once again taking control of the mic.
In this period of trans-dimensional shifting, the time has come to pay tribute to the only ones who helped me along my path; this is the story of the alchemist, the warrior and the princess:

This verse goes out to the alchemist
back in the day you and I could barely co-exist
You turned a blind eye to my selfish pride:
saw there was a green fire burning inside
Now you and I are all that's left,
riding waves of the bass till we're tired, old ,and deaf
Tottenham, B.C., every new tune
Your word is final, I will never forget you.

Never forget, never forget, never forget my darkest friends

Here's a few lines for the god of war:
I never met an old man like you before
You make me laugh through all the pain I keep inside
You relate frustrations; you still can't hide
Sometimes I wonder what keeps you going
So much you can't say, but still always knowing
I don't choose many, but you're one of the few
every day you've been there, and I'll never forget you.

Never forget, never forget, never forget my darkest friends

O princess of darkness, with you I conclude:
The graceful and elegant Majesty of Solitude
Through thousands of years we have circled each other
Looking on you as I look on no other
The strongest of humans, in life you're immersed
Maybe it's 'cause you were one of the first
We'll stay here together until we break through
You've always been at my side, and I will never forget you.

These are my darkest friends. Respects to all of you and the old school Keriad crew, where ever you are...

Track Name: Return 2 the Fire
Return 2 the Fire

Back into the fire, again and again
I get all fucked up, then I come back when
I loose control of myself, I can't hold it in
My soul is dirty and broken, I am dripping with sin
Thrust into perfection in all I see and feel
I am living in a dream and nothing is real
Except you and me inside of the now
but I know it's going to end
and that's something I can never allow

I feel like I'm a child that has never been touched
I don't feel my body dying, I don't really feel too much,
except the warmth of your blood as I cut in your skin
I love the taste of your cunt when I'm digging my claws in
and the poison flowing through me is the drug in my veins
I only know that I'm alive when I am causing you pain
I am living an illusion where nothing is as it seems
Someday I'll wake up and you'll have only been a dream


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